Nestled in the nightlife-rich district of Quezon City, the Vanity Club emerges in Tomas Morato to become the top upscale superclub in Metro Manila and soon, the Philippines. Like its counterparts in Makati, The Fort in Taguig, and in Pasay City, it will bring a unique form of entertainment combining club music featuring top DJs, healthy city dining cooked by well-acclaimed Chefs, and the best comfortable dance areas drawn by the best interior designers.

Inside, the Vanity Club embodies elegance, class and luxury with its impeccably designed dance floor, dining area, bar, and VIP lounge. Its lavish décor, state-of-the-art turntables and sound equipment, and deluxe service provide guests with the ultimate VIP nightclub experience. Its architecture combines style and modern design elements, which are highlighted by the club’s pumping music from top DJs and special lighting effects. The energetic atmosphere lingers even as guests leave the dance floor.

True to its mission to bring luxurious entertainment, the Vanity Club integrates into its dine-in menu, a list of healthy and fat-free food that will leave guests feeling more energetic, rather than lethargic. It will break traditional bar dining by providing superb fat-free bar dishes from the best Chefs in town, fabulous signature and famous cocktails, and a luxurious and extensive wine list.
Open 5 days a week, the Vanity Club also hosts upscale promotional and private parties. Music starts at 7 in the evening. The local club scene will have to make way for the latest upscale, VIP, and trendy superclub to hit the Philippines.

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